7PSolutions, the global leader in GPS supply chain management tools, and CargoNet, the nation’s leader in cargo theft recovery, intelligence and analytics, recognize the power of a layered approach.

The two organizations working together creates a one-two punch that can aid the supply chain in mitigating cargo theft. There is no silver bullet to cargo security, but one thing for certain is that a layered approach is an industry best practice. Coupling real-time GPS with CargoNet’s 24/7 recovery support center, cargo theft data and expansive law enforcement communication platform could be the difference between a painful loss and getting your freight back. Learn more on how these two organizations can provide value to your loss prevention and security programs.




Future collaboration allows 7P clients and CargoNet members to take advantage of the use of cargo theft data integration into 7Ps software platform. In addition, the two organizations collected efforts would allow for route management opportunities, focused monitoring and will have visibility via real-time tracking.


About 7P

7P provides Global Visual Management to biopharma, high-value, high-theft risk cargoes and progressive industries and manufacturers around the world who need to communicate with their assets or manage their supply chain.

Whether the assets are stationary remote power stations or biological products being shipped around the world, we have a solution leveraging the intelligence of our technology, proprietary software applications, and our people.

7P was founded in 2010. We leverage the extensive knowledge, experience and expertise of our leadership team and employees. Our partners are comprised of logistics experts, cold chain specialist, cGMP quality assurance, security and GPS|GSM technology industry veterans, all of whom understand the critical importance of providing climate control and security monitoring and management for your cargo, all while maintaining stringent regulatory compliance.

About CargoNet

CargoNet® helps prevent cargo theft and improve recovery rates through secure and controlled information collection among theft victims, their business partners, and sharing crime information with law enforcement.

CargoNet is centered on a national database and information sharing system managed by crime analysts and subject matter experts. By applying a synchronized, layered approach, CargoNet exploits the weaknesses of cargo thieves at multiple points. CargoNet offers integrated databases, a theft alert system, task force and investigations support, and a tractor/trailer theft deterrence program.

CargoNet also provides driver education and incentives, secondary market monitoring and interdictions, crime trend analysis and loss control services, and training.

More information on CargoNet can be found at www.cargonet.com.

The Benefits

• The combination of real-time GPS and recovery assistance significantly increases your chances of retrieval.


• Instant transition from proactive to reactive.


• In the event you are a victim, 7P will transfer tracking and monitoring to the CargoNet command center to aid in the recovery.


• Enhanced cargo security and GPS programs create a differentiator from your competition.


• Inclusion of truck stop losses allows for geo fencing locations and can alert loss prevention and security teams when drivers are out of compliance.


• Route Risk identification provides better visibility to high targeted theft areas.


• Special bundled pricing allows for reduction in cost to both CargoNet membership and 7p services.



7P is a proud member of CargoNet.

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