Complete Supply chain visibility

Our product suite doesn't just monitor

the supply chain, it manages it.


The world's first GPS supply chain management tool

RouteWatch is designed to provide a variety of tools to manage all aspects of the supply chain. It features:

  • Integrated environmental and security monitoring tools to maintain product integrity and protect investments.
  • Event-based management, which allows for a large, customizable range of exceptions.
  • Unlimited linear geo-fencing to reduce the area of vulnerability during transport.
  • Deployed via a web-based SaaS and iOS and Android apps for smartphones and tablets.

Cargo Security and Loss Prevention

Asset protection in RouteWatch provides for the most stringent security protocols in the market.

  • Call center 24/7/365
  • Client-specific alarm codes
  • GPS tracking backed up by GSM tracking
  • Pre-determined route and stops
  • Unlimited geo-fences and routes
  • Light sensor detects carton, container and door openings
  • Panic button
  • Covert installations
  • Security training and driver interviews

Product Integrity and Brand Protection

Ensure that your products are compliant with global safety regulations.

Protect your brand by meeting global regulations, allowing your product to get to market quickly. RouteWatch and our EMM probe combine to provide:

  • Product tables ensure error free monitoring ranges
  • NIST Global Standards traceable temperature and humidity sensors
  • EASA, FAA, and IATA guidlines compliant
  • Full chain of custody data maintained for 5 years
  • Multiple probes for trailer and facility monitoring
  • Driver training and interviews
  • Automated temperature trip history reports

Fleet and Asset Management

Reduce inventory expense, improve carrier performance, and extend vehicle life.

Our fleet and asset management solutions are two-fold providing the most comprehensive fleet management tools in the industry. Asset management brings many different meanings to our clients from the management of expensive assets such as generators managing a remote mine to inventory within the supply chain. With RouteWatch you can;

  • Dispatch and route optimization
  • Automated fleet management, including IFTA, driver communications and more
  • Trailer inventory management
  • Improve shipping lane transit times
  • Validate shipping lanes and packaging solutions
  • Visibility to inventory within the supply chain
  • Improve order forecasting
  • Built-in report writer
  • Alarms within 30 seconds of real-time events

One size does not fit all

Our clients select the service offerings within our portfolio that best suit their needs.

Our products have been developed, tested and validated to high quality standards and have been structured in such a manner that they can be tailored to meet each individual requirement,

You select, we provide.


Transport Environmental Monitoring System

TEMS (Transportation Environmental Monitoring System) is our client interfacing software application which allows users to manage their time sensitive, high-value and temperature sensitive supply chain through a secure web portal regardless of mode of transport.


Carrier performance

Real-time inventory visibility

Eliminates errors

Increase productivity

Quicker decision making

Shipment creation

Shipment templates

Product templates

Automated communications

Route management



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